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Time-Less Voices, LLC, operating under timelessvoicesusa.com, offers a comprehensive outline and definition of services within the realm of Death Doula support. While we may not provide all services directly, we strive to outline and clarify the roles and responsibilities associated with the Death Doula profession. We aim to clearly understand the services available to individuals and families seeking end-of-life support, ensuring they can make informed decisions about their care. Most importantly, we prioritize building relationships with clients and offering a scope of support to their families, emphasizing dignity, compassion, and peace of mind throughout the end-of-life journey. We believe in transparency and clarity, empowering clients to navigate this sensitive time with confidence and support.

Our direct range of services includes:

1.  Consultant: Providing expert advice and guidance remotely or through scheduled appointments, leveraging our expertise to support individuals and families without fixed scheduling constraints.

2. Directive Care: Offering hands-on support and assistance with end-of-life planning and preparation on a flexible basis, tailoring services to meet specific needs and scheduling appointments based on availability.

Legacy Work: Focusing on legacy projects, such as writing letters or creating art, which can be completed at one’s own pace and integrated into a busy schedule as an artist and content creator.

4. Advance Care Planning: This involves assisting individuals in creating advance care directives and facilitating conversations about end-of-life preferences and goals of care to ensure their wishes are honored.

5.  Companion Support: Providing virtual companionship and emotional support through various channels such as phone calls, video chats, or email correspondence, managing interactions around other commitments.

6.  Educational Workshops or Death Doula Cafe: Hosting online workshops or webinars on end-of-life topics aligned with expertise, scheduling them at times convenient for attendees, and reaching a broader audience beyond the local area.

“Death Doula Cafe”  refers to a virtual space or platform where death doulas host online workshops, webinars, or discussion sessions on end-of-life topics. These sessions provide opportunities for participants to learn about various aspects of death, dying, grief, and end-of-life care in a supportive and interactive environment. Like a traditional cafe where people gather to socialize and exchange ideas, the Death Doula Cafe offers a relaxed and informal setting for open conversations about death and related subjects. Participants can join from their homes, allowing for greater accessibility and participation from a diverse audience. The Death Doula Cafe aims to foster community, education, and awareness around end-of-life issues, ultimately empowering individuals to navigate this vital aspect of life with more excellent knowledge and understanding.

7.  Flexible Availability: Emphasizing availability during non-traditional hours, such as evenings or weekends, to accommodate both personal schedules and clients’ needs.

Flexible Availability: Emphasize our accessibility through internet services, allowing us to reach clients in various locations. Our online presence enables us to offer support and assistance regardless of geographical boundaries, ensuring that individuals in need can easily connect with us for guidance and care.

8.  Companionship and Emotional Support: Being compassionate for individuals facing death and offering non-judgmental listening and spiritual companionship to the dying and their loved ones.

Death Doulas are indispensable in providing holistic support and guidance, ensuring that individuals and families navigate the end-of-life journey with dignity, compassion, and respect. Time-Less Voices, LLC ensures valuable support as a Death Doula while effectively managing one’s schedule by focusing on these areas and leveraging technology for remote communication.

Time-Less Voices, LLC Death Doula Services Agreement Parties

    1. Client Responsibilities:

      The Client agrees to actively participate in discussions and decision-making processes and follow the recommendations provided by the Provider.

    2. Duration:

      This Agreement shall remain in effect until terminated by either party with a two-week written notice.

    3. Governing Law:

      This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of [State/Country].

    4. Dispute Resolution:

      Any disputes arising under this Agreement shall be resolved through mediation or arbitration, as agreed upon by both parties.

    5. Termination:

      The Provider reserves the right to terminate services if the Client breaches any terms of this Agreement or if the continuation of services is deemed inappropriate or unethical.